Team Tools

Team Tools

Here’s what I am going to tell you today: 💁 The different TYPES of systems and software that you will need in place in order to get your team all organized on the same page. Here’s what I am not going to tell you today: 🙅 Exactly WHICH of those types of...

Stack Overflow

Another duh. I’m honestly just putting the duh ones here to have a backlog and so that you know that I haven’t missed it. Stack Overflow is absolutely vital to every since new developer’s career life. Listen and learn from everyone there. It is the...


Okay, so this next rec. is a little gem I found during COVID quarantine. It has been a lifelong search for me to find the perfect productivity tool. Presenting…ClickUp! I had tried EVERYTHING. Reminders on the phone? NOPE. The Things app? NADA. Asana? GET OUT OF...

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