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Okay, so this next rec. is a little gem I found during COVID quarantine. It has been a lifelong search for me to find the perfect productivity tool. Presenting…ClickUp!

I had tried EVERYTHING. Reminders on the phone? NOPE. The Things app? NADA. Asana? GET OUT OF TOWN! Trello? EW. Swipes, Google Assistant, Airtable, Jira. ACKKK! Nothing does the trick!!

I needed ONE program to help me organize my personal life and my work life all together. And if you know me well, you know that at any given time, I have at least 8 jobs going on, 2 projects on the go, and friends who I want to spend time with.

So here it is! ClickUp.

My list of favorite features in this program is honestly waaaaayyyy too extensive. But essentially, what I was looking for in a program was: 1) The ability to have multiple workspaces, folders, and lists for all the domains of my crazy life, 2) The ability to sort my tasks by due date, priority in multiple views (INCLUDING GANTT!!!), and 3) The ability to see all of it together in one massive view!

Yup! It delivers!

And to boot, I was able to replace my homebrewed web-app ‘Routinr’ that helped me to auto-schedule my routine tasks.

Yeah. I know! You WILL be pleased.

The only con that I see is that there are so many features and features constantly being rolled out that I can see how it might be overwhelming for someone who really enjoys software that never changes or keeps up with the times. If you like Outlook, this is not the software for you!

It’s available in web app, app, and standalone desktop versions.

Ooooo, shiny!

And yes, my bucket list does consist of 464 items. It’s gunna be a LONG LIFE, OKAY?! LISTENNNN!!!

DISCLAIMER: These are my hand-picked favorite tools and resources from years of scouring the web. The sources have not paid me to appear on this page and I do not receive a commission or other compensation from any of the links. Please do your own due diligence before paying for any services. I am not responsible for the services provided or the results of their services.