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Worship Lessons!

Worship Lessons!

When I’m teaching my worship voice 🎤 lessons, there are a few messages I repeat 🔁 over and over. Some of that can’t be avoided. Music theory 🎼 has to be shared, encouragement has to be bestowed, and repertoire needs to be contextualized historically....


More music stuff! This is a bit of a duh. Canadian? Songwriter? Sign up for free right now. Don’t even wait on this. If you are creating music, make sure you are protecting it. You get paid extra when you gig! Bless! Check out their awards, resources, and...

CD Baby

Ah yes, now into a music rec. Good old CD Baby… Okay, so there’s a lot going on here. I use CD Baby for digital distribution and also for disc duplication. Expect great service even though it comes with a price. I’ve even had moments where I uploaded...