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The design portion of this blog wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Divi from Elegant Themes. It is as gorgeous as you think it is. And with half of the WordPress community completely in love with it, it’s certainly worth it. You’ll get loads of extensions that are sometimes free from other sites like Divi Den and needyesterday. It is worth it to go with the lifetime subscription. Trust me, it pays for itself. Especially if you use it on a few client websites. Just get your clients to look at the themes in their library. The one thing I’m not the biggest fan of is that the library is only sorted by the resident designer’s intended use for the theme (like an Art Blog Theme or an E-Commerce Site Theme) and not by the design technique or trend that was used in the design (like flat design, 2.0, 0r brutalism). But whatever, it’s easy enough to find what I’m looking for or more importantly, make a spanking hawt new theme!

DISCLAIMER: These are my hand-picked favorite tools and resources from years of scouring the web. The sources have not paid me to appear on this page and I do not receive a commission or other compensation from any of the links. Please do your own due diligence before paying for any services. I am not responsible for the services provided or the results of their services.