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Photoshop too expensive? Obviously. Yikes. That’s not even a real question. I don’t care if it tries to disguise itself as an “affordable subscription.” Over time, that would put me out of way too much hard-earned cash. You and I both need Affinity. They’ve got a suite of products that you pay for once and then they’re the gift that keeps on giving. It’s so cheap anyway right off the bat and the best part about it is that they GIVE YOU free updates after that. Like wow. Ooo. Hey. What. It’s like wow.

So you’ve got your pick: Designer, Photo, Publisher… and they’ll likely roll out more products. I have Affinity Photo. I like that they also have really affordable versions for the iPad, but I haven’t tried that yet. Sign up for their newsletter to get their coupons and sale discounts. Don’t forget the trials either! Figure out what works for you!

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