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AIIEEE! I’m so excited to introduce y’all to Stenia Trusilo 💃, Copper Cabbage’s HR Generalist and Social Media Composer 🎼! That’s right – she called herself a COMPOSER. Heckin’ dope! 😎 She’s yet another friend of the studio and it’s been such a joy working with her! 🤩
Stenia’s tasks include:
  • HR 👥
  • Payroll 💵
  • Invoicing 💰
  • Ad creation 📺
  • Copy writing 🖌
  • Policy writing 📝
  • Creative input 💡
  • Online cold calling ☎️
  • Social Media Content Creation 📱
  • Researching gear for the studio 🎚
  • Reminding me to write these blog posts ⏱
  • Photoshopping Bernie into pictures of the studio 🧤

And more coming down the pipe!

Stenia and I met in our first semester of our psychology program at The King’s University 👑. We were partnered up to work on a project together right away. Little did I know that we would be working on many more projects together down the line. I love bringing good friends like Stenia onto the team at the studio because I know that they’ll pour their whole ♥️ into it! Heck, Stenia even just learned Photoshop 🖼 to help out with more projects going on over here. I’m honored to work someone as empathic and gracious as she is! Stenia selected the Knight of Wands card. ♞ She’s our go-getter, always keeping me on track with great gusto! And she WORKS OUT, lemme tell ya! 💪
Because I couldn’t have said it better myself, these are her words to you:
Stenia enjoys long walks to the bakery, chatting about pop culture, and impressing you at the gym. In between, she managed to get her BA in psych (where she and Paige became good buds) and is close to completing her HR program.
Stenia knows how to tend to the garden (studio) to make sure the talented cabbages have the environment to flourish.
Love ya! Great to have you on the team! ♥️