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Studio Agreement

Please see the Studio Philosophy page for more information on why we think this Agreement matters!

Note: All words marked between square brackets will be entered in the online Agreement form below.

This agreement is made between Copper Cabbage Studios (‘the studio’), [the Musical Group and/or Musician(s)] (‘musician(s)’), possible studio musicians (‘studio musicians’), and [the Purchaser] (‘the purchaser’). These parties must agree to the following:

    1. For each track, the studio will provide the tracking, editing, mixing, and the mastering that is required by [the End Date]. Please allow a week per track for editing after the studio sessions are completed. For mixing and mastering requests, a maximum of two hours will be spent mixing and mastering each track.
    2. The studio musicians may be hired for recording. The rates and terms of those agreements are not covered by this agreement. The purchaser and the studio musician(s) must agree on a rate and other terms, such as rights and royalties.
    3. The studio will record one master of the track(s) on CD or USB to give to the purchaser. If the parties so choose, the track(s) can be uploaded to to be featured in the online portfolio.
    1. Only the musicians involved in the recording project and/or the Purchaser are permitted to enter the studio at the scheduled time of the recording session and must be accompanied by at least one sound engineer.
    2. A maximum of five hours can be booked at a time for a day.
    3. Playback of the tracks can occur during or after the recording sessions as many times as necessary within that five hours.
    4. Once a mastered track is approved by musicians and the purchaser, there will be a $20 fee in order to change that track after.
    5. Between [the Start Date] and one week before [the End Date], the studio can be booked a maximum of three days in a week, maximum of five hours of a day. Mixing/editing/mastering will occur outside of this studio recording time, but the time will still be tracked and will be billed to the purchaser.
    6. Appointments can only be cancelled 24 hours prior and scheduled a week prior.
    7. If [the End Date] needs to be postponed to extend recording time, it can be extended once and there will be no extra charge to the purchaser, however, there is no guarantee that the studio will be able to prioritize scheduling for recording sessions for these musicians.
    8. If [the End Date] needs to be postponed to extend mixing/mastering time on behalf of tardiness from the studio, there will be a 20% reimbursement of the total sum given to [the Purchaser] as calculated after the project is completed.
    9. If the musicians have feedback/suggestions for the mixing and mastering of the tracks, but fail to provide such comments before [the End Date], the best final product according to the studio will be released to the musicians and the purchaser. If the musicians and purchaser  later decide to have the studio make their changes, there will be a $20 fee to open the project again.
  3. RATES
    1. Rates are agreed upon before the recording process begins and are not subject to change thereafter, as they are solidified in the Studio Agreement.
    2. A 50% deposit is required before recording sessions are booked.
    3. The purchaser must pay in full before receiving a CD or download link of the track(s).
    4. If the project is terminated after recording has begun, a 50% refund will be given if full payment was received. The deposit (50%) will not be returned, however.
    5. If musicians have been cancelling recording sessions more than two times or the recording sessions were not productive on part of musicians to produce a track that could be mixed/mastered, the studio may terminate the project. The deposit (50%) will not be returned, however.
    1. You agree that the studio can record the musicians and save the project and all the tracks to the studio computer hard drive.
    2. All the tracks recorded belong to the Copyright Holder of the Song. The studio waves it’s right to the mechanical rights of the recorded tracks upon compensation for the recordings, excluding the right to feature the track in a portfolio if the track will be publicly distributed. Note that in Canada, the studio would naturally have the mechanical rights to the recording and it is only through this agreement and on receipt of payment in full, that the studio waives it’s rights to the mechanical rights of the recorded tracks. Failure to pay results in the studio retaining it’s mechanical rights of the track.
    3. Upon request, the track(s) can be destroyed 30 days after the termination of a project.
    1. If you choose to publicly distribute the track(s) for purchase or not, you are agreeing that the studio can choose to include the track(s) in the studio portfolio. Public distribution includes posting the track(s) anywhere online or distributing the file(s) for free or for a cost. Privately sharing the track(s) involves sharing the track(s) with friends and family or keeping the files on the personal digital musical player(s) and computer(s).
    2. The studio website is located at
    3. Once again, this does not mean that the studio owns the master of the track(s), it just means that the studio has been given permission to feature the track(s) as part of the studios portfolio.
    1. The musicians will not intentionally damage or destroy any the property of the Studio, will follow the guidelines of the building, and will act with respect towards the property of the studio.
    2. If property is damaged out of negligence or disrespect, the musicians will be responsible to pay for all damages except for natural wear and tear on the instruments or facility.
    3. The studio regularly backs up the studio computer in order to keep the property of the musicians and the purchaser safe and secure, yet the studio is not responsible for any loss to the musicians and purchaser’s property. In any case of loss, the old agreement would be terminated without any cost to any party, and a new agreement would need to be signed.

The studio may terminate the Agreement if any of the policies are violated.

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