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You’re ready for a big step up in your life but your resume isn’t giving you that lift? 🏋️‍♀️ Or you just think that it’s not in your DNA?? 🧬

Well! ☝️

Here is an excerpt from my unreleased book 📖, “My Thoughts On Everything: A Memoir – Sike Shawty, I’m Not Dead Yet, Just Givin’ You Opinions On Stuff Y’a’int Ask For”, which will be hitting the virtual shelves in 2023 👎. In this portion from Chapter 4 – Positive Affirmations 🙏, within the section entitled If I Did It, You Can Too 🙌, I am interviewing myself on the many wacky jobs 🤡👸🕺👨‍💻🎤 I’ve had throughout the years:

“Oh yeah! I’ve had many wacky jobs throughout the years! All of which, I’ve been ridiculously ‘unqualified’ for!”

“What a scream! You’ll have to tell us about the weirdest one!”

“You bet! Many people don’t know that I was a Bio Lab TA in university”

“Le Gasp!! In uni?!? Don’t you need to be, like, pursuing a masters to be a Lab Teachers Assistant for any course?”

“Apparently not! I took one Bio course that was required of my for my breadth courses and somehow the instructor thought that because I asked so many darn tootin’ questions about all that janky material, that I would be a good teacher for it. Something about ‘The best teachers ask the best questions (dot com)’. Mind you, that was the course where I learned about the smell of grass being the way that grass screams and that the first shape that humans take in in-utero is a cylinder, which will then amass to our digestive system… (we start off as a gut….so cool!) Regardless, I said YOU HECKIN BET to the job offer and signed the papers. Next thing I knew, I was peeling DNA out of bananas and jabbing cow eyeballs with a scalpel. Did I have any idea of what I was doing? The first year was a little rough (yes, I was rehired!)… I had to borrow a Bio Major’s textbook to re-learn how the heart worked 20 minutes before I had to teach how to cut one open. Otherwise, I certainly brought a lot of spunk to that lab! By the second year, I was chopping up sheep brains left, right, and center and demonstration the waft effect better than ever! I s’pose I was just never really bothered by the smell of organs steeped in formaldehyde. I even had a student ask me to privately tutor her how to correctly do the Punnet squares. I brushed up on the art of the Punnet and wung it!”

“Wild! Why did you take on the job if you knew you weren’t qualified?”

“Because I was asked to, and that was the qualification. I was asked to get into a room that I would definitely not have access to again if I said no, and I wanted to risk it for the biscuit. There would be other ‘rooms’ that I would fight my way into later on down the line, like the Party Princess ‘room’ and the improvisor ‘room’, but if someone was offering me a seat at the ‘Bio Lab TA’ table, it would be absolutely lame to say no!”

Don’t be lame! Try a ‘YES’ today! The only people who can afford to say no to pretty much everything are William Buffett and Elon Musk. But sometimes having that much dough in the bank isn’t how a person measures success. Maybe you, reader, want to experiment with the possibilities in your life, y’know FOR SCIENCE! 😝

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