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Simply put, namecheap is the domain registrar I love and trust the most. I have tried GoDaddy and 1&1domains and they don’t compare. You do NOT NEED TO BE PAYING FOR SUPPORT FOR A DOMAIN. If you are, then you probably shouldn’t be buying the domain. Get comfortable with nameservers, DNS, forwarding, and http shtuff, before you dive into this world. Namecheap offers FREE Who.Is Protection, which is absolutely mandatory, I feel! Get the security and privacy you need! Also, the prices at namecheap stay the same with renewal and they are upfront about what you will be paying the next time you renew, which is something that GoDaddy loves to hide. There are also free domain names for students from recognized institutions! Make sure you look for the coupons of the month! You will not regret it. I have all of my domains and many of my client’s domains on here. The only thing that I don’t love is that I can’t prorate my billing schedule so that all of my domains are charged to me once a year. Maybe that feature will come. Enjoy!

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