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This hot tip for default website copy 🧑‍💻 is coming in fast! And brief! We all know that I would be able to fill up this whole blog post with some slick emojis ✨ and funky banter 🙉 , oooooooooor I could just use some default copy – or Lorem ipsum ✍️ to fill it up and none would be the wiser! Sorry, that was my best attempt at a segue into the world of Lorem ipsum. If you’ve seen the phrase Lorem ipsum floating around on the internet, then you already know what you’re getting into! But if you haven’t, I’ll quickly fill you in! Get it? Yeah, that one was also a stretch! 🤸

What (and why) is Lorem ipsum? 🤷

It’s a phrase taken from the beginning of some default website copy (ie., text) that was generated eons ago 🧓. Web designers have used it to be able to flesh out their designs in the absence of actual copy that would end up on a site. 🖥

So I just generate my own Lorem ipsum when I need to fill in my design project with copy? 🎛

For sure! You could take any parts of the good ol’ Lorem to see what it looks like on your page. It’s just meant to be a placeholder when you or the client have nothing to put in place in that spot yet!

But what if I think it looks too ~inaccessible~, y’know? 🙎

And THAT’S what I’m thrilled to show you folx today!! We’ve got options!! 💁

Really?? 💩

Yes! 🤡 These are my favorite Lorem ipsum placeholder alternatives:

Jeffsum for all you ✨Goldblum✨ fans!

90’s Ipsum for pure nostalgic designs! 🎱🎮

And, of course, my personal fave…

Space Ipsum created by the openNASA team at NASA 🪐🌟☄️🌍🌕 ! Obvs the COOLEST!!

Go git yer placeholder Lorem ipsum for your next project now! Or you can always scroll down a little farther and contact me 👋 if you need help getting your web project on the go!

These were all found through this amazing project right here! Thanks idsgn! ♥️