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Look at you! 👀 You’ve got yourself a microphone! 🎤 Wonderful! I believe that every singer 👩‍🎤 should get themselves one of those good ol’ SM58s for rehearsing around the house. Just in the same way that an electric guitarist 🎸 wouldn’t be much without their trusty amp, vocalists who sing worship or pop music need to be bringing their own mic to the party! And you might be thinking that we can go back to sharing straws 🥤 and forks 🍴 and microphones 🎙 as soon as precautionary measures are lifted after COVID 🦠, but I would still think that it would remain good practice for every vocalist to bring their own microphone to a rehearsal or live recording session. This is your chance to get to know more about the tool that you will be using for the rest of your life! 😇 (Because these things last forever) … (Even if you drop them 5 billion times, they’re still kickin’ 🦵) (And even if you stop “being a vocalist”, you can use the frickin’ thing as a hammer 🔨) (I got that last one from my Live Sound instructor at MacEwan. It’s not a Knickle original) (Unfortunately… 😝)

So! Let’s learn how to use the sucker properly. ‘Cuz I see people holding these things in the gooniest ways and it makes my eyes vomit. 🤮 Here are 7 ways you SHOULDN’T be holding your microphone: 🙅‍♂️

1. The Creepy Uncle at your Cousin’s Bat mitzvah 👎

The Creepy Uncle at Your Cousin's Bat mitzvah

Nope nope nope.

2. The Odd Flex, But Okay 😑

The Odd Flex, but Okay

Cool, but nope.

3. The Invert 🙃

The Invert

Honorable attempt, but the sound doesn’t come OUT of your ears, so nope.

4. The FEAR 😰


Since it looks like you don’t even want to be there, it’s a nope from me.

5. The Choke 🥵

The Choke

Does this even work for ANY genre? Nope.

6. The Flute 🎶

The Flute

Precious, but wrong instrument, so nope.

7. The Ice Cream Cone 🍦

The Ice Cream Cone

Cute, but nope.


And, last but not least, THIS is how you hold a microphone.

8. The Water Bottle 🍼

The Water Bottle

Take a sip and breathe easy!

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